Our suppliers are essential to our business. Learn how to conduct business with us through Coupa, Shirley’s procure-to-pay system for purchase orders, invoice processing, and payments.

Bid Opportunities

If you are a new vendor or supplier and would like to be added to our bid list, please fill out the New Supplier Contact Form and email it to us at: [email protected].


Invoicing and Payment

Shirley Contracting and its associated companies use the Coupa Supplier Portal (Coupa) to manage transactions with its suppliers. The portal improves the accuracy and speed of the payment process and gives suppliers instant access to payment information. Since Shirley Contracting is a subsidiary of Clark Construction Group, the portal and communication from the portal will be from Clark.

Coupa allows you to:

  • Submit invoices electronically
  • Review invoice status
  • Receive notifications when invoices are paid
  • Resolve invoicing disputes
  • View purchase orders
  • Send shipping/tracking information for orders
  • Grant other employees access and configure their permissions
  • Coupa is the most efficient way to get your invoice paid. However, you can also submit your invoices by cXML transmission. This option lets you send invoice information through an Invoice Detail Request in cXML and post the file directly to Coupa via an HTTP post.

Shirley has a “No PO, No Pay” Policy in effect. Please click here for the full Company Invoicing Standards. Failure to meet these invoicing requirements will cause payment delays and may result in your invoice being rejected.

New Suppliers

New suppliers must send their Shirley point-of-contact the completed onboarding documentation below.

Required Onboarding Documents:

Once approved, suppliers will receive an invitation email to register to join the Coupa Supplier Portal.

If you already have an account in Coupa, you will not be prompted to create another account. Instead, you will be notified through your email that Clark Construction Group has added you to Coupa, and prompted to log in.

Updating Account Information

Complete the request forms below and send them to your Shirley point-of-contact to update your existing business information.

Get in Touch

For additional questions on how to sign up for the Coupa Supplier Portal, or how to set up cXML, email

All payment-related inquiries should be directed to Accounts Payable at, or (703) 550-8100.

Live training (via teleconference) for the Coupa Supplier Portal is available to existing suppliers on the first Thursday of each month. To register for training, please email