Spotsylvania County Transportation Improvements


Spotsylvania County, Virginia


Dewberry Consultants LLC


Public-Private Partnership


August 2013


In November 2007, the Spotsylvania County Virginia Board of Supervisors awarded
Spotsylvania County Infrastructure, LLC (SCI), comprised o f Shirley
Contracting Company, LLC and W. C. English, Inc., and Dewberry Consultants LLC
as the Lead Designer, a contract to Develop, Design, and Construct the
Spotsylvania County Transportation Improvements. The Transportation
Improvements Projects were part of a solicited PPTA by Spotsylvania County
designed to take advantage of a November 2005 voter approved $120
million road bond referendum to complete needed road projects in the County.

Under an Interim Agreement (IA) with the County in September 2006, SCI’s scope of work
included preliminary engineering on 9 secondary road projects in the County. The SCI
Team developed over 40 alternatives for the Projects, performing surveys and
mapping, development of typical sections and details, roadway plans and profiles,
preliminary cross sections, preliminary drainage design, bridge design, wetland
delineations & permitting, traffic analysis, right-of-way and utility relocations. As part of
the IA, SCI also provided firm fixed pricing and schedules for each Project.

In November 2007, the County entered into a Comprehensive Agreement with SCI to
complete the design and construction of all 9 projects. The Team was given a Notice to
Proceed on 5 of the 9 projects. The Projects included Harrison Road East, Mine Road,
Hardwood Campbell, Mine Road at Lansdowne Road, Gordon Road, and Massaponax Chuch
Road, and Smith Station Road. Completion of the of the 5 projects ranged from summer
of 2009 to the summer of 2013.