Route 606 Loudoun County Parkway/Old Ox Road Reconstruction and Widening


Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)


Dewberry Engineers Inc.


Loudoun County, Virginia




August 2018

Route 606 Loudoun County Parkway/Old Ox Road Reconstruction and Widening

Shirley Contracting Company, LLC (Shirley) was awarded the Route 606 Reconstruction and Widening
Project by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) in May 2014. A key component of the
Project was to accommodate a planned future 8-lane configuration along this corridor. Several
challenges affected the Project schedule and constructability related to owner added work for the
NOAA Improvements, and added work to include the Route 606/Loudoun County Parkway/Arcola
Boulevard intersection. There were several unique work items performed including modifications to
the Horsepen Dam principal and emergency spillways, relocation of MWAA’s Water Sampling Station,
relocation of NOAA’s weather monitoring equipment and construction of NOAA’s new secure access
road. It was through constant and effective design innovations, communication, coordination, and
regularly scheduled meetings between the Design-Builder, VDOT, and other affected stakeholders
that the numerous design and construction modifications and added scope could be implemented in
a way that kept the Project on-schedule and on-budget.

The scope included reconstruction and widening of Route 606 from an existing 2-lane rural roadway
to a 4-lane divided Urban Minor Arterial with raised grass medians and signalized intersections. The
footprint equaled 5.5 miles of new 4-lane roadway with associated civil improvements including:
Widening and raising the elevation of the existing Horsepen Dam embankment; extension of the
principal spillway and realignment of the auxiliary spillway; new twin-span bridges carrying Route 606,
EB and WB, over the Horsepen auxiliary spillway; 8 new and or modified traffic signals; new pedestrian
facilities – shared use paths and crosswalks; noise barrier walls; closed-system drainage, stormwater
management facilities; new access road, security features, and on-sight improvements for the NOAA
facility located mid-way through the Route 606 corridor; Route 606/Loudoun County Parkway/Arcola
Boulevard signalized intersection; engineering, design, environmental permitting, public outreach,
right-of-way acquisition oversight, and utility relocation management.

As the Design-Builder and Lead Contractor, Shirley was responsible for development and delivery
of design, right-of-way acquisition from 50 Parcels, miles of utility relocations, new ITS infrastructure,
seven signals, environmental permitting, environmental compliance, public outreach, construction,
and quality management. Shirley led efforts in communicating with 3rd party stakeholders including
utility companies, outside agencies, environmental agencies, residents, businesses, and developers.
In addition, Shirley self-performed numerous construction activities including, earthwork, storm
drainage, SWM ponds, bridge, box culverts, noise walls, and other roadway construction elements.

The Project received multiple awards including the Design-Build Institute of America’s Mid-Atlantic
Region Honorable Mention, and the VTCA Excellence in Engineering Honorable Mention.