Route 606 Bridge Replacement Over I-95


Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)


Dewberry Engineers Inc.


Thornburg, Virginia




June 2019

Route 606 Bridge Replacement Over I-95

Shirley Contracting Company, LLC was awarded the Route 606 Bridge Replacement Over
I-95 with 606 Improvements (Project) by VDOT in December 2016. The Project consisted
of the replacement of the Route 606 bridge over I‐95 and roadway improvements to
Route 606 and I‐95 access/egress ramps to and from Route 606.

The Route 606 interchange with I‐95 is a heavily traveled access/egress to the southern
limits of Spotsylvania County and Caroline County which the Project abuts. The existing
4‐span bridge that was deemed structurally defi cient and functionally obsolete needed
to be replaced and expanded from two lanes to four lanes with a raised sidewalk and
median separation. The Project’s most critical goal was to replace the existing defi cient
bridge over I‐95 as quickly as possible to alleviate the risk a bridge in this condition posed.
Its replacement required maintaining access to local businesses and improving access in
the ultimate condition.

Through VDOT’s 2‐step design‐build process with Proprietary Meetings, our Team
presented nine alternative design concepts for the interchange. The ultimate
confi guration developed was an “Off set Diamond Interchange” to replace the VDOT
concept plan of a diamond interchange with a roundabout and circuitous route for travel
east of I‐95. This interchange confi guration allowed the full superstructure of the new
bridge to be constructed offline from the existing structure, eliminating the circuitous
route of travel, and reducing right‐of‐way impacts.

The Project was productive in planning and operational execution, completing 3
months early. This early completion delivered local businesses unobstructed use of the
new interchange with the capacity to carry future development. In addition, integrated
within the Project was a sidewalk crossing from points east to west which ultimately will
continue to the new Dominion Raceway entertainment venue. This sidewalk will allow
local hotels, restaurants, and other businesses an environment for multimodal support
and foster growth in use.