NGA Surface Parking Lot


Greenway Enterprises, Inc., National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency & US Army Corps of Engineers


Dewberry Engineers Inc.


Fort Belvoir, Virginia




November 2016


Shirley Contracting Company, LLC was awarded a design-build subcontract for the 900 space NGA Surface Lot Project at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The design-build team included Greenway Enterprises as the Design-Build Contractor and Dewberry Engineers as the Lead Designer. The project location at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Building on the Fort Belvoir North Campus included an existing gravel parking lot and approximately three adjacent acres for the 900 space parking lot. The project scope required a three-phased sequence of construction including building a new temporary parking lot, shifting parking to the temporary lot, constructing the new parking lot, and then shifting traffic back onto the newly constructed lot.

Construction of the facility required installation of a temporary access road to gain access to the proposed temporary lot. The lot was stripped and graded to proper elevation and over 3,000 tons of 21A material was graded for the base of the temporary parking lot. Bollards and signage were installed to delineate the new parking spots. Once traffic was shifted onto the temporary lot, construction of the permanent lot began. The permanent lot work included storm sewer installation, excavation and grading, stone placement, curb installation, asphalt paving, handrail installation, pavement markings, and signage installation. To meet the tight deadline, the new parking lot was split into three sections with multiple parking bays in each section. The first section began with stripping approximately 5,000 yards of overburden for storm drainage installation. Once the storm drainage was completed, underdrain was installed followed by curb installation. The next two sections continued similarly. Once all the stone was in place, asphalt paving was installed. Once asphalt paving was finished, pavement markings were completed along with the installation of appropriate signage.

In the final phase, traffic was shifted onto the new parking lot which was accomplished one week prior to the substantial completion date. Once traffic was shifted onto the new parking lot, removal of the temporary parking lot began. The area was capped with topsoil, and trees planted in a newly established green area.