Intercounty Connector (ICC) Contract C


Maryland State Highway Administration


Dewberry Consultants LLC




November 2011


ICC Constructors (IC3), A Joint Venture comprosed of Shirley Contracting Company LLC, Clark
Construction Group LLC, Atkinson Construction, Facchina Construction Company and Trumbull
Corporation was awarded Contract C of the Intercounty Connector (ICC). Contract C
included approximately four miles of the ICC from west of US 29 to east of I-95,
approximately two miles of collector-distributor roadway along I-95, and complex
interchanges at I-95 and US 29. This contract was the second of four that created the 18.8-
mile ICC, which connects the I-270/I-370 corridor in Montgomery County to the I-95/US-1
corridor in Prince George’s County.

The scope included 3.8 miles of new six lane roadway, a three level interchange with US 29, a
new interchange with Briggs Chaney Road and a new three level interchange with I-95. There
are 25 new bridges, with aesthetic elements to complement the surrounding area, more
than two miles of sound barriers that will be erected along the roadway, and over two million
cubic yards of earthwork. An aggressive schedule was achieved due to the early activities
completed by the Team, including field investigation of site conditions, geotechnical
investigations of soil conditions, engineering survey work, and field investigation and
relocation of utilities.

The IC3 team was responsible for bridge and structure design and
construction, environmental services, floodplain and stormwater management, multiple
jurisdiction involvement, and maintenance of traffic on I-95, US 29 and other local roads.
Additionally, the Team was in charge of the Project’s QA/QC implementation and
conformance. A specific project QC Program was approved and implemented. There was a
significant commitment from the Project Team to limit environmental impacts to the
surrounding communities, which included Little Branch Stream Valley Park and
Fairland Regional Park. An Environmental Compliance Plan, which was implemented and
managed by the IC3 Team, ensured impacts to forest, cultural resources, parklands, wildlife,
wetlands and waterways were minimized.

The Project received multiple awards including the ABC Award of Excellence, AGC Washington
Contractors Award, and Maryland Asphalt Association Quality Pavement Award