I95 Route 630 Reconstruction and Widening


Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)


Dewberry Engineers Inc.




May 2020


Shirley Contracting Company, LLC was awarded the I-95/Route 630 Reconstruction
and Widening Design-Build (Project) by VDOT in 2016. The Project consisted of the
widening of Route 630 west of I-95 for approximately 2 miles, realignment of
Route 630 and improvement to a 4-lane divided typical section for approximately 1
mile east of I-95, new diverging diamond interchange (DDI) at Route 630 and I-95,
realignment and widening of multiple intersecting local roads, and two new park and ride
facilities providing more than 1,000 parking spaces and bus access.

The widening improvements were developed to remain within right-of-way
and easement limits previously acquired by VDOT, requiring extensive
coordination to ensure temporary construction elements (including E&S) did not
require additional property impacts. The widening scope included improvements to
the existing two-lane undivided roadway to provide a new 4-lane divided roadway
with multiple intersection improvements and turn lanes to accommodate both the
existing and projected future adjacent developments.

The new interchange at I-95 included realignment of Route 630 to the south of
the existing diamond interchange. In addition to the new DDI interchange, Route 630
was realigned to the south and improved to a 4-lane divided roadway, intersecting with
Route 1 at Hospital Center Drive. Multiple local roads were realigned to accommodate the
new alignment of Route 630 and the DDI. During design of the Interchange, VDOT revised
the scope to include a new bridge to accommodate access to the future 95 Express Lanes.
A plan revision was developed to adjust the profile of the entrance ramp
to northbound I-95, and Dewberry completed the design for the new ramp bridge
over existing Courthouse Road. Extensive coordination with adjacent property
owners has continued because the area surrounding the interchange and Route
630 is rapidly being redeveloped. Several additional entrances, turn lanes, and
secondary road improvements have been added to the scope of the project based
on this continued coordination.

The Project received multiple awards including the Design-Build Institute of America’s
Mid-Atlantic Region Honorable Mention, and the VTCA Transportation Engineering
Project Award.