I-66 Widening


Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)


Dewberry Engineers Inc.




August 2018


In August 2013, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) awarded
Shirley Contracting Company LLC, (Shirley) the Interstate 66 (I-66) Widening Design-Build
contract. Our Team was chosen in large part because of our significant experience
associated with construction of complex transportation projects on high volume, high
speed roadways, excellent safety record, partnering approach, and abilities to work with
adjacent concurrent construction under separate contracts. The Project entailed the
widening of approximately 2.5-miles of I-66 in Gainesville, Virginia in each direction,
replacement of two secondary overpass bridges, extensive maintenance of traffic
operations for over 100,000 VPD, construction of 250,000 SF of noise barrier wall,
construction and integration of an extensive Intelligent Transportation System consisting
of cameras, detectors, digital message signs all running off a new fiber communication
network, roadway lighting, utility relocation/installation, and traffic detours.

As the Design-Builder and Lead Contractor, Shirley was responsible for management and
oversight of construction, including design and engineering, utility relocations, public
outreach, overall Project administration and construction management, and QA/QC. All
constructionwork was performed on a heavily traveled roadway and all lane restrictions were
coordinated by Shirley with VDOT to allow for public notifications of impacts to traffic. Shirley
wasthe primary point of contactwith the Owner in public relations and getting notices out to
traveling motorists,businesses, home-owners and local politicians. Shirley was also responsible
for creatingand monitoringthe schedule throughout design and construction.

Utilizing our previous experience working on I-66 and similar facilities, Shirley was able
to sequence work operations and phase the construction operations to minimize
impacts to the traveling public. Much of the phased construction took place behind
temporary barrier keeping both the workers and the public safe during construction. In
addition, the Team was able to maximize the existing alignment of I-66 with minimal
additional efforts so that a paved shoulder was maintained in almost allareas of the Project.