Dulles Greenway Capital Improvements


Toll Road Investors Partnership II (TRIP II)


Dewberry Consultants LLC




December 2007


The Dulles Greenway Capital Improvements Program consisted of eight component
projects, which were consolidated into a single Design-Build program. The projects included
new interchanges at Route 653 and Route 654, improvements to the existing interchange at
Route 606, mainline widening from four to six lanes, expansion of the mainline toll plaza, and
widening of the existing dual 660-foot mainline bridges over Goose Creek. All work was
required to be performed with no reduction in capacity for the 75,000+ vehicles per day
utilizing the existing toll facility. The Design-Build Team of Shirley Contracting Company, LLC
and Dewberry Consultants LLC provided all design, permitting, utility relocations, construction,
and construction administration.

Design of the project included separate submissions of the roadway and bridge plans for
each component project. In all, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT),
approved 18 separate plan submissions consisting of eight roadway/interchange plan sets
and ten sets of bridge plans. Our Team also completed all environmental permitting for the
projects including submission and approval of seven Joint Permit Applications to
Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), United States Army Corps of Engineers
(USACE), and Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC), as well as Virginia
Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) permit applications to the Department of
Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

Impacts to traffic were not only a project safety concern and an inconvenience to the
traveling public. In addition to enhanced safety features and increased capacity in final design,
our Team developed detailed traffic management plans that focused on maintaining lane
widths and travel speeds, and reduced the impact to traffic during interim construction
phases. Based on the Team’s performance through the first 18 months of the three year
project, Trip II awarded Shirley a change order to design and construct improvements to the
Greenway/Route 772 Interchange including widening the existing bridge over the Greenway
from two to six lanes. Our Design-Build Team completed the design, permitting, and
construction of this additional interchange on-time and in less than 18 months