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Shirley Contracting Company has officially transitioned to Coupa. Effective July 17, 2017 suppliers are required to transact electronically (receive purchase orders, submit invoices, and provide catalogs if available) through the Coupa platform via one of the below options. Please note, this system transition does not apply to subcontractor requisitions.

Depending on your company’s resources, Shirley now offers three convenient options to choose from for transactions (purchase orders, catalogs, and invoices) at no cost:

  • cXML Transmission: This option allows you to send invoice information through an Invoice Detail Request in cXML, and post the file directly to Coupa via an HTTP post.
  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP): With the Coupa Supplier Portal, you can review purchase orders, create invoices, and manage catalogs within a central location.
  • Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN): With SAN, you can act on a notification directly from your email inbox, enabling you to receive purchase orders and create invoices without registering or logging into the CSP.
    These options are available at no cost to the supplier.

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Please complete the below form confirming which option you would like to use.

Shirley Contracting Suppliers


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